Let's ship in GLEE!

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Tears, and amazing songs.

The subject is: Long distance kills love.

Blaine cheated, which I can not except from the first minute. But he is a spontaneous gay guy, everything can happen( base on a lot of gay dramas I have watched, hook-up is their daily life). But I cried for Kurt, because of his pureness, innocent. And he is a totally contrary character to Finn, in everything.He has ambitious and life goal, and as a social person an me, I totally agree and connective with him.You will sacrificed a lot of things when you at work, you have to figure out which is important to your life and balance it. Obviously, Kurt still have a lot cruse need to be ordered. He got a exciting new job, and a bright future, when they talked on the phone, everybody will get self-centered in the new environment. 

But I didn’t hurt so much than I imagined.  

It’s kind of like, yeah, it was not disaster enough,

they will be allright and must have a happy ending in the end of the season.

Blaine is mean to be existing, because of Kurt.

I don’t know who else is gonna to be so deep connect with these two, in love relationship.

Sebastian, seriously? Visually SeBlaine didn’t look so well as a couple, sorry.

And I don’t think any one is better for Kurt too.

They mean to be together. Trust in the true love for the last time, Klainers.


I always said that as a couple St.Berry would be better and I ship in.

But looked all the words Rachel said and the flashback,

They had been so hard and you can not imagine how hard Rachel fighted.

I just don’t know why Finn is so self-abased, that girl sacrificed a lot to get this far. I don’t think it is true love when you think you are not good enough for her, so choose to quite. What an asshole! You should fight for that! So I think from day-1, Finn is going to be like this, although went through the 3 years hard time. He will never be a winner with this attitude! 

Brittana’s break-up doesn’t make any sense to me.They seemed to me as a girl-romance from the beginning, more than a love-relationship. So, I don’t quite get it why the writers had to write this episode, which all the worse thing can happen happened to the 4 main couples.

About the future episode:

I do have a contradiction about the coming 407 episode, which is the Warblers will be back, and Blaine will think about transfer back to Dalton. I did think Blaine is better in Dalton than in McKinney, the Warblers is his golden age. Ever since he thought about why he is in McKinney is all about Kurt, it’s possible. But I don’t want the story-line happen like this:Blaine go back to Dalton, and on his own, later has no any other contact with the McKinney’s kid, then graduate, then disappear from the show.

I think a lot of gleeks said that, the glee now is not the glee they want to watch from the begging. I don’t get the bully things anymore(I mean I have no idea why the Kitty girl exists). RIB should think about it serious, what kind of message they want to bring to the teens today.

So far of season 4, my favorite episode is still 401.

Kept repeat New York state of mind & chasing payment around.

In this episode, Darren’s teenage dream(acoustic) made me have no courage to listen that again. And the scientist is amazing.

1 k 10201

so you guys should not trust in any word he said…

Don’t say that Blaine …

have no idea how many box of tissue need for 4th0ct…EP4 Break Up

no responcible for any spoilers:

idk which from, said that on 404 they will record an a-capella Teenage Dream.

Begin with TD, end with TD.

You just can not do that to KLAINERS!!!

Your murderer!!!

A thing I am definitely sure is that all klainer will cry out until no tears befor 404, which title is Break up.

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Glee 4-02 Britney 2.0

the exciting point: Puck’s back!!!

song:Womanizer, 3

3, the arrangement is amazing, but the 3 sang too innocent I do think…….


Puck, is a bad-ass but with his own honor I really thought so.

Jake, in something he can not act that bad as his bro, sorry can’t get the feel.


Q is fake, and at the beginning she is really a bitch. But somehow she is a elegant bitch, natural leadership. But Kitty, just simply a bitch OK? No one can replace Q!

and for all the god-sake, I do think everyone look better without cheerio outfit sorry~~~

The ep2 is not so tide, too many songs, story-lines happened too fast.   

I miss the old glee member, but in ep2, found them is good to watch.

GLEE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Burst into tears about 3 times during GLEE season 4 episode 1!!!

which is surprise:

Tike is broken up!

everyone turn to a diva, fight to be the new Rachel, even Blaine!!!

become popular doesn’t mean to be mean and jerk!

I miss Mercedes, Mike,  Q, Santana, Puck…… 

which is like:

the new character! like everyone except the new cheerio~

Brody: hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!!! “i am straight”  LOL

Marley:nice, shy, and the story line with her mom was so great! looking forward this character.

Jake:a different jerk compare to his brother. I really miss Puck anyway, for all the 3 seasons he really turn into a different person.

Unique:looking forward his solo!

*********Chasing Paymet**********Rachel & Kurt reunion scene*********

Rachel: I lie I am not ok

Kurt:turn around


Slushie: the moment remind me about why watch Glee and make it so special. About all the underdog~

which is irreplaceable:

Klaine: speechless perfect!!!

Ryan said their Skype scene in ep3 is cute. but i can not fight for the ep4(broke up)~~~

Kurt: really looking forward his storyline. The Hummel scene is so great!!!

Blaine:the song the voice!!! encourage Kurt scene. Please stay with Kurt!!!

Rachel: my heart stop beating when she sing the Newyork state of mind!

Favourite song :

It’s time

Newyork state of mine

Chasing payment

simply got exciting about the spoilers song list!!!

i didn’t even listen any of them!!!

well, i did listened so of the It’s time

GLEE is back!!! Ready to getting CRAZY!!!

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